Artha Ratu Nauli

A woman. First daughter in family. An over-thinker. Adventurer. Dessert lover.
An engineer graduated from Petroleum Engineering ITB 2008.
Super random person you'll ever meet.

November 16, 2015

You can do anything you want. 

But you choose not to do. 

November 07, 2015

Ibarat duren, ada yg suka sama duren,

 ada juga yg gak suka duren. 

Saat ada yg gak suka duren, bukan berarti duren itu gak enak. Simply karena gak suka aja. Durennya mah tetap enak dan gak ada kurangnya .

October 14, 2015

I always wish you to be happy 

I love the glaze in your eyes when you smile.
I love your face while you are grinning. 
I adore your excitement about anything.

Even if, 

It is not longer about me. 

Even if, 

Your happiness is not about me to be counted in, i'll set you free. 

There's nothing wrong between you and me. 

If love itself chooses to disappear, 
I'll let it go. 

October 13, 2015

Bosan aku dengan penat 

Dan enyah saja kau pekat 

October 12, 2015

You seemed like a great idea. Didn't you?