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November 12, 2016

Anti Racism

It has been 2016 and you're still talking about racism? 
A race is better than B race. C rase is dumb. D race is blablabla.

Come on...

I dont understand why there is a tendency to treat communities as if each was a distinct, singular, homogenous, authentic whole, each composed of people all speaking with a single voice, each defined primarily by a singular view of culture and faith; why there is a tendency to 'judge' or 'profile' people based on ethnic and cultural boxes, define individual needs and rights by virtue of the boxes into which people are put, and using those boxes to shape public policy.

Instead of generalising, accepting and tolerating a group of people, assess a person and interact with them on an individual basis. Ignore the labels that are placed on an individual (nationality, age, race) and purely look at the experiences that have shaped him/her. Understand and appreciate how these different experiences
and upbringings add on to their character.

Yes, you can not put yourself in their shoes and make a connection to their experiences. You don’t
have to love every single difference – just understand and appreciate them.
That is embracing diversity.

Have you ever imagine the excitement of joining ideas together, birthing from different environments, mindsets and perspectives? We can forge more efficient teams combining a variety of strengths and experiences. We can be surprised with the connections we make to a person who is different than us.

"The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people."

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