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May 28, 2013

Badak Paradise

Eager to try something new, don't crack under pressure, good communication skill, cooperatively working in team, blablabla, blablabla..

This my first field job. Muara badak. Vico Indonesia Field, in East Borneo. I had been here two years ago,actually, while I was working on my practical work program. And now, I'm coming back here, different company, same field, and of course, new adventure.

Working in Oil & Gas Industry means you have to do a lot of jobs with big challenge, leaving people you love for several time, 'play' in extreme environment, hazardeous area. Big pain, big gain, I admit. This kind of situation actually doesn't too surprise me because i've been told about this since in university.

Yeah this is what I have learned since I first come in petroleum engineering major, my dream, my part of soul. And this me, a girl with red coverall, brown boots, safety helm, safety glasses, happily standing here, waiting for bonus and dayoff  ready to make the wells :D

Sekarang saatnya membuktikan apa yang tertulis di headline curriculum vitae. :))

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