Artha Ratu Nauli

A woman. First daughter in family. An over-thinker. Adventurer. Dessert lover.
An engineer graduated from Petroleum Engineering ITB 2008.
Super random person you'll ever meet.

May 04, 2012

The Journey

I had always planned to include some years abroad as part of my degree, my education, my life.

Energy, especially Petroleum (as one of energy source), is my love.

Petroleum Engineering, Energy Management, or Energy Policy and Management.

The university/universities in Netherland, Norway, Germany, UK (yeah, i'm passionate to europe!) or USA.

Aamiin allahumma aamiin

Bandung - Indonesia, mei 4th,2012 

(Semoga beberapa tahun lagi, saat saya membaca kembali catatan ini, saya tengah berasa di suatu daratan di belahan bumi barat sana.)



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